Cape Cod Eco-Dwelling

The serene tidal marshes, coastal bluffs and forest ponds of Cape Cod are highly dynamic systems. These unique ecosystems have inspired the design of the Cape Cod Eco-Dwelling, which balances energy and resource flows. The intent of the Cape Cod Eco-Dwelling is to provide an affordable, comfortable, one bedroom rental unit that has as little impact as possible on the Cape’s fragile habitats.

Passive solar design has shaped the form of the house. The main axis runs east-west with the primary glazing facing south. Summer sun is blocked by an adjustable photovoltaic canopy, while winter sun can reach deep into the house and warm the tile floor. Walls are heavily insulated and the house is tucked into the hill, utilizing the thermal mass of the ground to protect the north side. During the winter, the principal heating is by the sun, with supplemental heating through radiant floor panels. The house’s narrow form allows for easy cross ventilation for cooling during the summer.